Local Road Rules

Local Road Rules

There are no traffic lights on NIUE, however all hirers and drivers must take note that traffic is normally a little busy from 7 – 9 AM and 4 – 6 PM during weekdays. Official New Zealand road and traffic rules apply, the only difference is we do not have traffic lights.


A few Standard Road Rules to jog your memory:

  • Always drive on the left hand side, like New Zealand.
  • Always give way to your right.
  • Signal at least three seconds before making a turn.
  • Always STOP at a stop sign.
  • Be prepared to stop and use your common sense at all times.
  • No driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Drive at a reasonable speed, we have many potholes not like New Zealand.


A few Niue Road Rules to mention:

  • Observe speed limits around town (40km/hour) and on open road (60km/hour).
  • Drivers are to follow no parking signs in certain parts of town and the Sir Roberts Wharf.
  • Coconut crabs or “Ugas” have the right of way when crossing the road. Female Ugas carrying Uga eggs will cross the road from inland during the night to release their eggs at sea.
  • Respect Sunday traditions and Church goers. No loud music or tooting of the horn on Sundays.
  • Scooter hirers must have a motorcycle licence and wear a helmet.
  • Do not do a turn around at the Fale Fono – Government Building in town opposite the NIUE Tourism Building.
  • You are not required by Niuean law to wear a seat belt whilst driving or as passengers.