A Short Story About Us

Established in October 1997, NIUE Rentals is 100% owned by indigenous Niueans striving to provide quality and friendly service to overseas visitors & tourists, business travelers, visiting friends and relatives (VFR), and local residents.

Our little Rental Office once located on the main road in Aliluki Alofi South, was completely washed away by waves when super cyclone Heta devastated NIUE on the 5th of January, 2005. The family business suffered extensive damage with the office completely flattened beyond recognition. Our losses included a fully-equipped workshop, business records, spare parts, tools and vehicles damaged beyond repair. Inevitably, our office and business was re-located and re-established at the ground level of our family home located on the main road at Anatalana, Alofi North.

NIUE Rentals have since become the biggest rental company operator in NIUE providing late model vehicles to cater for all transport needs – ranging from a small economy hatch to a luxury 4WD/SUV. We also provide tyre repair services, warrant of fitness and other minor mechanical services. Going forward, our team will work towards implementing eco friendly practices to conserve natural resources and the general environment where NIUE Rentals is located.

Adopting a more eco friendly workplace culture also ensures that our small paradise remains a paradise for our children. The Rock of Polynesia as some call our island, is truly a hidden paradise that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hasnt had the chance to visit. We are blessed to be here to operate NIUE Rentals and provide our services. Fakaaue Lahi Mahaki & Thank You for your business – we value your support and custom.