Inclusive of Taxes and Standard Insurance

Inclusive of Taxes and Standard Insurance

All vehicles are inclusive of Taxes and Standard Insurance or Collision Damage Waiver. However, hirers must acknowledge that this Standard Insurance is fixed at $3,000 before the commencement of the hire. By signing the rental agreement, all hirers therefore accept the Standard Insurance and are liable to any panel damages to the rental. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) options to reduce Insurance Excess:

  • Excess NZ$2,000 – $10/ Day
  • Excess NZ$1,500 – $15/ Day
  • Excess NZ$1,000 – $20/ Day
  • Excess NZ$500 – $25/ Day
  • Excess NZ$0 – $30/ Day

Loss Damage Waiver options are completely optional and are available for purchase for customer peace of mind. Just as the Standard Insurance, any Loss Damage Waiver option must be selected before the commencement of the hire. Ensure to check the coverage of your travel insurance policy as insurance excess for rental vehicles are normally under Travel Insurance. LDW options are only available for hirers over the age of 21 years. Proof of identification such as a driver’s license can confirm hirer’s legal age.

Important to note, that your “CREDIT CARD” details must be submitted at the commencement of hire for security reasons. This includes any/or incidentals (refueling costs etc…) even when accepting one of the three (3) options of reducing the insurance excess at the commencement of hire.